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Wanderer, also known as the Pinwheel, Purple fan or Spinner is a basic enemy, appearing first in Geometry Wars and in all subsequent games. These enemies simply wander around the playing field. It is very passive, and doesn't follow the player in any way, making it unlikely for one to become an active threat.


It's appearance is most likened to a fan, since it's also constantly spinning. The Wanderer is, of course, purple in all of its appearances. However, since color is slightly toned down in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions compared to previous games, it takes on a slightly blue tint, but it's still predominantly purple.


The Wanderer has no special abilities, it simply travels around the playing field at a moderate speed, the speed is always the same, but like all the other enemies, the speed changes after one has travelled near an active Gravity Well, if it manages to survive that is. It usually travels in a straight trajectory, but can tilt slightly to either side to shift its trajectory. It's considered the easiest enemy in the game due to its predictable pattern.