"Reach the target score in only one life"
—Description from Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Titan is a game mode introduced in Geometry Wars: Touch, where it is referred to as Titans, it later returned in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

In Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions there are two levels based around Titan in Adventure Mode, along with two more in Ultimate Mode, followed by one in Hardcore Mode.

Gameplay Edit

The player starts with a standard loadout of one life, one bomb and one super, excluding Hardcore Mode where the super is excluded.

True to its name, the enemies that spawn in this mode all spawn as much larger versions of their original versions, when destroyed they split into 4 smaller versions of the same enemy, and when these are destroyed they split into 8 regular versions of that specific enemy. The large ones absorb significantly more firepower than the regular ones do, but when they are regular size they are destroyed exactly as usual, with one shot.

There are no specific spawn list on this page of enemies that spawn in this game mode, each level has its own spawn pattern and spawn frequency and in order to learn more about which enemy spawns in which level, simply refer to the respective page of the level.

Levels Edit

Each level has its own rules and features, to learn more about a specific level, simply read its respective page.

Adventure Edit

Level Star goals(points) Level Loadout
8. Titan World

1 : 250,000
2 : 2,000,000
3 : 6,000,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

32. Titans Revenge

1 ☆: 500,000
2 ☆: 1,500,000
3 ☆: 5,000,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

Ultimate Edit

Level Star goals(points) Level Loadout
8. Titan Twist

1 ☆: 1,500,000
2 : 5,000,000
3 : 10,000,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

16. Cobraphobia

1 ☆: 100,000
2 : 500,000
3 : 1,000,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

Hardcore Edit

Level Star goals(points) Level Loadout
3. Titan World

1 ☆: 500,000
2 : 5,000,000
3 : 15,000,000

1 Life
1 Bomb

Current list of titan appearances Edit

The following list shows which enemies have appeared as titans across all levels.

Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsEdit

Geometry Wars: GalaxiesEdit

  • Coming soon.

Geometry Wars: TouchEdit

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