"One life... Limited ammo... Reach the target score"
—Description from Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Sniper is a game mode introduced in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions where it is exclusive to Adventure and Ultimate Mode.

There are a total of three levels in the game featuring this game mode, two of those levels are featured in Adventure Mode, followed by one in Ultimate Mode, making this mode tied with Stock for least appearances overall.

Gameplay Edit

The player starts with one life, along with one super, but are given no bombs. The Ram, Snipe and Sweep drones are not allowed in this mode.

The namesake of this game mode is that the ammunition given to the player is very limited, so in order to reach the target score as much ammo as possible must be conserved, every shot counts. Using the Attack drone does not consume more ammunition, so it might be recommended to use it in this mode, depending on your play style. Using a super does not deduct ammunition so try to get as much use out of it as possible.

Levels Edit

Each level has its own rules and features, to learn more about a specific level, simply read its respective page.

Adventure Edit

Level Star goals(points) Level Loadout Special Notes
22. Hexawave

1 ☆: 50,000
2 ☆: 100,000
3 ☆: 200,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

Ammo: 600
41. Limit Twist

1 ☆: 250,000
2 ☆: 600,000
3 ☆: 1,300,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

Ammo: 1000

Ultimate Edit

Level Star goals(points) Level Loadout Special Notes
21. Sausage Limit

1 ☆: 250,000
2 : 600,000
3 : 1,300,000

1 Life
1 Super
0 Bombs

Ammo: 1000

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