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"One life only... Do not let the painters change the whole grid."
—Description from Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Rainbow is a game mode that debuted in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

The Rainbow game mode is exclusive to Adventure and Ultimate Mode. There are three levels in Adventure mode with the Rainbow game mode, along with one level in Ultimate Mode.


The player starts every match with a standard loadout of one life, one super, and one bomb.

The mission is to get as high of a score as possible before the Painters color the entire map gold. There is a ticker at the top of the screen that shows how many grid spaces are unpainted. Each Rainbow level starts with a different number of grid spaces. When the ticker reaches zero, the game ends, but will also end if you die.



Level Star goals(points) Level Loadout Special notes
14. Cubism

1 ☆: 500,000
2 : 1,000,000
3 : 3,500,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

Color Grid: 1100
27. Abstract

☆: 1,500,000
: 3,000,000
: 6,000,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

Color Grid: 2050
37. Expressionism

☆: 2,000,000
: 4,000,000
: 6,500,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

Color Grid: 925


Level Star goals(points) Level Loadout Special notes
3. Futurism

1 ☆: 1,000,000
2 : 1,500,000
3 : 2,000,000

1 Life
1 Super
1 Bomb

Color Grid: 500


  • The name of each Rainbow level is the name of a artistic movement throughout history. For example, the level, "Cubism", is based on the influential art movement during the early twentieth century that emphasizes two-dimensionality and geometric shapes.


  • Destroy the painters as quickly as possible to slow down their mission to color the entire grid.
  • Protect a certain area of the grid, not letting any painters in. This allows for a lower chance of the painters to color the entire grid.

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