GW Galaxies Enemy - NUFO

Geometry Wars: Galaxies

GW3 Enemy - NUFO

Geometry Wars 3

The NUFO, also known as the Yellow FloaterFloater, Yellow Disc, or Yellow UFO, is the one of the three UFOs in the Geometry Wars series. It is the most basic UFO in the series, considering it moves slowly and doesn't release any geoms. It is yellow in color.


Geometry Wars: GalaxiesEdit

The behavior of the NUFO is quite different in Geometry Wars: Galaxies from what it is in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. In this game, the NUFO seems to float back and forth slowly and consistently and move straight through any object or enemy, including themselves. It is able to exist outside the map boundaries, much like the pink UFOs. It will float across the map slowly while rotating rapidly. They tend to travel in large groups, instead of singular spawns. It releases no geoms and is extremely passive, meaning it will not kill you, no matter what. It actually moves straight through you, like a ghost.

Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsEdit

The behavior of the NUFO in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is a bit simpler than Geometry Wars: GalaxiesThey spawn outside one side of the map and disappear out the other. It moves across the map in groups in a straight, consistent pattern. Although, some NUFOs are glitched, and they move slightly faster or slower then the others. This means they can bump into another one and slow down. If this interruption occurs, the NUFO will disappear inside of the map rather than where it is supposed to outside of it.