GWRE Enemy - Grunt

Geometry Wars

GW2 Enemy - Grunt

Geometry Wars 2

GW3 Enemy - Grunt

Geometry Wars 3

The Grunt, also known as the Blue Diamond or Diamond, is a very common enemy found in all games of the Geometry Wars franchise. Its purpose is simple; All it does is slowly chases after the player's ship, however, speeds up if left unharmed for a while. A swarm of them, however, can be quite dangerous.

Appearance Edit

The grunt's shape is a blue diamond. It slowly stretches itself back and forth as it moves around.

Strategy Edit

The grunt is a very easily controlled enemy. Just shoot it, and you're done. However, a swarm of them is an entirely different story. The best way of disposing of them is trying to move in the biggest circle you could make. While doing so, continuously shoot at the grunts while watching out for other enemies in your way, but mainly focus on the swarm. If left unharmed for a short period of time, they will become faster, and eventually hunt you down.

Trivia Edit