GW3 bomb1

Example of the bomb in action, displaying the screen distortion caused by using it.

The Bomb is an ability given to the player at a set amount at the start of the match, in certain game modes the player can also add additional bombs by reaching certain point thresholds.

Function Edit

One bomb is activated by simply pushing the RT or R2 on a controller, or E on a keyboard, for either Xbox, Playstation or PC/Mac/Linux respectively.

When used, the bomb will destroy all enemies and every other object in the vicinity, in the case of small maps it will clear the entire map, but on larger maps its reach might not extend that far. Activating a bomb in any corner of the map will most likely not reach enemies at the far end of the map so it is recommended to use it in a central position in order to get the most out of your bombs.

Using the bombs will make the enemies drop their Geoms but will yield no points, when used in a group of enemies using a bomb can yield an extremely high amount of geoms, but bombs are limited and very valuable.

The bombs are most effective when there's no other option available, for example when the player is cornered and will most likely lose a life, using your bombs in that case will profit the player and is preferable to losing a valuable life.

Tips Edit

  • The bomb will cause a significant amount of screen distortion when used, be cautious for spawning enemies.